Transformational Learning

According to Mezriow, the role of educator in transformative learning if of a facilitator that fosters self-direction and control needed for transformative learning. It is also described as a route to the development of critical thinking. Each individual learner has its own point of view and experience of life. Differences in values exist, and those differences, … Continue reading Transformational Learning


Multiple Intelligences

The given article defines multiple intelligences and gave me the idea of different kinds of it-linguistic, logical, visual-spatial, musical, bodily kineasthetical, interpersonal, intrapersonal. Firstly, I will do the assessment of all the students and then, will adjust my teaching methods to match the learner's strengths. An individual could have more than one type of intelligence. Some are … Continue reading Multiple Intelligences

Positive Learning Environment

When I hear these words, the first thing that comes to my mind is communication with students. I believe that first day of class time should be spend in getting to know your students. This could be easily done by conversation or handing out student survey form that I found on this link: But … Continue reading Positive Learning Environment

Characteristics of Adult Learners

I read the following article that talks about 8 different traits of adult learners. It should be kept in mind that each individual is different. Even though self direction and motivation are said to be characteristics of adult learners, there could be adults who need guidance and motivation and are not self directed. Or … Continue reading Characteristics of Adult Learners