Trends in Teaching and Learning

I am writing about the two popular and important trends that has greatly influenced today’s teaching methodology. Firstly it is Inquiry based learning. As we all know, inquiry means seeking knowledge. Inquiry based learning is a process in which teacher acts as a guide and the learner follows their own path of discovery.  The process usually starts by asking question or presenting a problem to learners. I truly agree that the inquiry approach was discouraged in traditional teaching. The students were not allowed to ask many questions as it was all curriculum based. This reminds of my science teacher back in my school time who got angry on my classmate for asking questions everyday.

Another one is differentiated instruction. Each student has its own strengths and abilities. The differentiated instruction if followed by teachers helps these learners to bring out their capabilities. The students are no doubt get benefited from these instructions but at the same time it is a real challenge for teachers especially in a bigger classroom. This trend is commonly followed in schools by providing Individualized Education Program for children with disabilities. Also, some of the school districts began  programs for Gifted Students whose abilities as assessed by class teachers are above average.