Trends in Adult Education

I will be discussing about two prominent trends in adult education.

The first one is Online Learning. As we all know, adult learners are busy. They have full-time jobs, school work, family and social commitments. The solution for these busy working professionals is online learning. One of the many advantages of online education is that it takes proximity out of the equation — working adults can choose the course or program that is best suited to their needs, rather than location. So whether it’s a course from an institution next door, across Canada, or even in another country, you get the skills training you need, whenever you need it. As online learning continues to grow and become more accessible, more working professionals will use it to update their skills and expertise.

The second one is the participation in formal employer-supported training. Work-related training plays a crucial role in developing and sustaining skilled and competent employees. It also helps to enhance personal and professional development and build new capabilities. The employers are nowadays getting interested in providing some type of training in the form of courses or workshops that further improve the quality of work. In my profession, teachers are must to attend the professional workshops scheduled almost every month. According to Statistics Canada, participation in job-related course training increased from 1993 to 2002. However, the participation rate for training without employer support is much lower than for training with employer support.  The training provide new skills relevant to job and henceforth, improves employees work performance.



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