Characteristics of Adult Learners

I read the following article that talks about 8 different traits of adult learners.

It should be kept in mind that each individual is different. Even though self direction and motivation are said to be characteristics of adult learners, there could be adults who need guidance and motivation and are not self directed. Or maybe some adults had negative past experience in life, in that case its teacher’s responsibility to motivate and support the learner. Each student is different in learning, thinking and intellectual ability. Each student has its own learning style. An effective teacher should be able to recognize their student’s abilities and learning styles and should be incorporating it in teaching.So, individual difference should always be kept in my mind while planning instructions. Individual differences increase with age. Taking into account that students have a lot of life experience which they can bring to the classroom and providing them as many opportunities for dialogue as possible and asking open-ended questions so that they can use their knowledge and experience is beneficial.


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