Multiple Intelligences

The given article defines multiple intelligences and gave me the idea of different kinds of it-linguistic, logical, visual-spatial, musical, bodily kineasthetical, interpersonal, intrapersonal. Firstly, I will do the assessment of all the students and then, will adjust my teaching methods to match the learner’s strengths. An individual could have more than one type of intelligence. Some are stronger than others for each person. Thus it’s helpful to determine learner’s top intelligences and tailor the methods to best meet its strengths. For instance, people who are strong in the logic/math intelligence enjoy exploring things. They like to understand how things work. They like mathematical concepts. They enjoy puzzles and manipulative games and are good at critical thinking.Similarly, a learner with spatial intelligence will benefited from visual things like posters, charts and graphics or drawing. Students with language intelligence will enjoy telling stories and will be motivated by books, dramas, writing etc. In all, my teaching will include innovative ways that will strengthen learners’ intelligence.


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