Transformational Learning

According to Mezriow, the role of educator in transformative learning if of a facilitator that fosters self-direction and control needed for transformative learning. It is also described as a route to the development of critical thinking. Each individual learner has its own point of view and experience of life. Differences in values exist, and those differences, if they come to the surface, can help or hinder learning. If students are given the motivation to critically assess, challenge and change their existed assumptions they will have the chance to become lifelong learners capable of doing the best in a rapidly changing world.The best way to do that is to encourage learners to think for themselves.

Transformative learning also helps us by instilling the value to regularly assess our learning and enabling us to apply what we learn in other situations. Transformative learning requires careful constant attention to inner work on parts of both learner and educator. It represents a potential that is present in ourselves. It’s more about our relationship with learner than any kind of strategy that could be used on the. The best educators of transformative learning are we and how we reflect it in our lives and community with others.



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